"The World's Most Beautiful Voyage"


One of the big advantages of this cruise is that you were never far from interesting scenery. This fact was particularly true during the time we sailed through two breathtaking fjords. Fjords are a major tourist attraction of Norway. On our cruise we toured two of the most distinctive, yet completely different, fjords of Norway. Geiranger is long, scenic, and a major tourist attraction. Trollfjord is short, deep, and very narrow.


Geiranger is 100 km long with a picturesque village at its head, many pencil thin and exceedingly photogenic waterfalls on its sides, which are also dotted by brightlySeven Sisters Falls painted isolated farm buildings. farm buildings

We spent about nine hours sailing into and out of this beautiful fjord passing many other ships on the way. Click here for more pictures of Geiranger.


Trollfjord, after which our ship was named, is quite different from Geiranger. It is deep but only 2 kilometers long. Because it is also only 100 meters wide at its mouth, one sails exceedingly close to the walls. In fact, the ship paused with its prow almost
touching a waterfall near the head of the fjord. For more pictures of this fjord, click here.