"The World's Most Beautiful Voyage"

Norwegian Churches

A number of churches were visited on the west coast of Norway. In some towns they were the most distinctive building seen. Almost all the churches are Lutheran because that is the state religion of Norway. About two percent of a person’s income tax goes to support the churches unless you specifically ask to be excluded. Although by far most people ignore the church or attend only festivals, baptisms, confirmations, or funerals,, most contribute.

Most churches have the sasancuaryme internal structure. There is a long relatively narrow sanctuary with a high ceiling. As you enter, you see a very ornate alter at the far end. There might be a beautiful stained glass window but certainly a table with candles and a crucifix. Partway to the entrance there will often be an elaborate raised pulpit. Above the entrance there will be a raised choir loft and a large organ. Along the walls will be some small square decorations, perhaps windows, pictures, or hangings. It is traditional that a small model ship be hung from the ceiling as a reminder to pray for sailors.

The overall building will, or course, vary greatly in size and style.ship There are four main types. The few large old stone cathedrals are often preserved as interesting tourist attractions. Old wooded stave churches are often preserved as important historical buildings. Then there are the local, small, white churches which dot Country Churchthe country side. There are a few cities which boast of large exceedingly distinctive modern churches which boast striking architectural exteriors, but have the same, but well appointed, general organization as the vast majority of the other churches.

In several towns special small churches were restored. One such was in Church
Honningvag. Here is a picture of it today. Below is a picture of the town taken near the end of World War II when the Germans, as they were retreating, destroyed the entire town with the exception of the church.Destroyed town

The photo gallery available here shows many views of several of the various types of churches taken in different towns.