"The World's Most Beautiful Voyage"

Program Manager

LotheYves Lothe, who insisted upon being called Cha Cha, was a very busy Program manager. His troubles began on the first day when two of the group were delayed by a late flight and he had to specially orientate them and reimburse them for the trip from the airport. It ended when he had to make at least two trips to the Copenhagen airport before leaving himself on an evening flight to Thailand. In between he had to rearrange optional excursions between Vantage provided and Hurtigruten provided excursions in addition to providing orientation tours at many of the stops and cultural lectures on the Norwegian system of social security.

He certainly had the cosmopolitan background to deal with a variety of cultural experiences. His family was Norwegian and French. He studied in Norway, worked in the US, had ties to Thailand and Nepal, had a house in Panama, and a degree in psychology. The latter was probably directly useful to a job as Program Manager which is similar to tying to herd cats.

He was noted as the man of many coats.

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