"The World's Most Beautiful Voyage"


Norway has always been country closely associated with the sea, so it is no surprise that many ships of all kinds were encountered on this cruise. Many photographs of our ship are available  but even more of other ships are available too. The ships range inQueen Victoria size from the giant Queen Victoria to a small kayak. In between are the unusual (as the kayakLPG Tanker
LPG tanker) and some really cute little fishing boats.Fishing Boat

We were told that most high end apartments come with their own parking spaces for a Boat Parking
car and a boat. A good residential area has its own docking area.

Here is a very large photo gallery full of boat pictures. If you click one of those pictures you will get a full screen image. That image can be enlarged if you wish. Use your back button for navigation. Of course, in any place with as convoluted a shore line as Norway, there must be a large number of navigational aids. A selection of them is included in this photo gallery.